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  • What products do you use to care for your hair?
    It always differs based on the state of my hair. At the moment it's Schwarzkopf BC Bonacure Fibre Force as my hair is damaged from all the salt water and chlorine...summer :) I top it off with Indola Conditioner for colored hair to preserve my color, and sometimes spike it with a little Alfaparf Ash pigment, which gives me black that blue black shine and gets rid of the ugly red undertones. After the swimming pool, I like to soak my hair in Jojoba oil for the rest of the day.
  • What is your no.1 hair care tip?
    Listen to your hair and react to it. Too dry? Found out why and stop, then hydrate! Oily scalp and dry ends? Only apply shampoo on your scalp, and only apply conditioner to your ends! Oily hair overall? Wash your hair less for a while, and of course use less product.
  • What has your tip done for you?
    Keeps my hair healthy - shiny, strong and soft!
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