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Ms/Mr/Mx Alternative > September Challenge: Supernatural September!

  • What Supernatural creature, being or concept is your creation based around?
    Witches, to be precies good witches that use spells and potion to practice magic
  • Any details you’d love to share about your creation, like the making process, materials?
    Starting at the top going clockwise: Tiffany aching (from the disc World Series books), phoebe halliwell (from charmed), willow Rosenberg (from Buffy the vampire slayer), Paige Matthews/halliwell (from charmed), Rowena mccloud (from supernatural), prue halliwell (from charmed), Rachel Morgan (from the hallows book serie) and piper halliwell (from charmed). With a pentagram with the moonfases in the middle.
    It’s 60x40cm eastindianink, ecoline and posca pens.
  • Are you available on September 28th, 20:00 CET to join the livestream?
    Yes I am
September 20, 2022   19:38   (edited)
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