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Attitude Holland Devil horns skin colour - Iron Fortress

Item no.: 225081022 | Brand: Attitude Holland
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Iron Fortress. "You laugh quietly to yourself as you read the letter one of the mortal rulers have sent you.

This mortal princess has no idea of your true nature or the evil plans you have for her and her people. She does not know that by writing to you, asking you to join her council she is dooming herself and her cause. With just a little more time, all will be as you designed. And with these mortals already so greedy for power--how easy it is for them to be so blind to the Devil’s Horns upon your forehead." Devil Horns contains two latex prosthetic horns sculpted to look like a young goat’s horns. Devil Horns are 8 cm long with pointed ends, textured and coloured to look like realistic horns. Their large contact-surfaces are easy to fasten and keep attached for sustained periods of time. The Devil Horns prosthetic is made from thick 100% natural high-quality latex, making it strong and durable, ensuring long life and extended reuse. Application of this prosthetic is easy using spirit gum or other prosthetic adhesive, but it is also packaged with detailed application instructions written in English--just in case you need some assistance! These Devil Horns are unpainted, but can easily be painted to match the style you desire.

Length: 2,5 cm. Width: 2,5 cm. Height: 6 cm.
100% natural latex
Washing instructions:
Remove prosthetics carefully and rinse off all glue, wax and make-up with Mastix Spirit Gum Remover and lukewarm water. Store dry in a dark and cool place.

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