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Attitude Holland Orc ears green - Iron Fortress

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Orc ears green - Iron Fortress
Item no.: 225081024 | Brand: Attitude Holland
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Iron Fortress. "War is all that you know.

For your clan, war is a permanent state of being. Just as you need meat to sustain you and leather armor to protect your leathery green skin, confused keeps your thirst for chaos and violence sated. Your clan now gathers to prepare for the war against the goblins. The creatures used to be your allies, but in the last battle They Became cowardly and ran. now there's nothing more to be done than to hunt down every one of them and serve them over your fire." Orc Ears are a set of latex prosthetic ears molded to create gnarled and pointed ears perfect for a brutal orc or goblin conniving. The prosthetic adds length to the helix of the human ear, and is bumpy and textured to give it a realistic appearance. The ears are modelled to cover and form-fit on the outer ear, allo wing for plenty of surface area in-which to Securely and safely glue the latex to the wearer's skin. The Orc Ears prosthetics are made from thick 100% natural high-quality latex, making it strong and durable, long life and extended Ensuring reuse. Application of this prosthetic is easy using spirit gum or other prosthetic adhesive, but it is also packaged with detailed application instructions written in English and French - just in case you need some assistance! These Orc Ears come in green, but can easily be painted to match the style you desire using Epic Effects Make-Ups.

Length: 8 cm. Width: 5 cm. Height: 6 cm.
100% natural latex
Washing instructions:
Remove prosthetics carefully and rinse off all glue, wax and make-up with Mastix Spirit Gum Remover and lukewarm water. Store dry in a dark and cool place.

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