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Stargazer * UV Hairdye rinse pink - Stargazer

Item no.: 020028158 | Brand: Stargazer
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Product information
All Attitude Holland cosmetics & hairdye (blacklight, UV etc): 100% vegan, animalfriendly make up, not tested on animals.

Stargazer. (70 ml)

Stargazer hair dye is an easy to use semi permanent hair colour with conditioner, free of ammonia or peroxide.

Stargazer hair colour can be applied to natural, dyed or bleached hair (please note that Stargazer hair colour will not cover white or grey hair). Stargazer hair dye is a hair colour creation which allows you to achieve gleaming translucent, amazing results. With a wide vibrant palette of colours to choose from, anyone can tint the hair to the desired effect. The lighter your own colour, the more vibrant the result will be. The colour will stay for 2 weeks and after this will slowly fade after washing every time (washing with cold water will help keeping the colour bright).

Read the instructions carefully before using this product! Caution: This product cannot be used for dying eyebrows or eyelashes, this may cause blindness.

You will be able to use Stargazer hairdye up untill 18 months after opening the bottle.

* Stargazer products are NOT tested on animals.

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