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Attitude Hair Dye Attitude Hair Dye - Dramatic Semi permanent hair dye - Violet

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TIP 1 Beforehand: Bleach your hair for a better result/bright color with Ghosted Bleach from Attitude

TIP 2 Afterwards: To keep your hair color good and healthy, use HolyPlex: 1 (Shampoo), 2 (Mask) en 3 (Finishing Spray) from Attitude

Product information
Item no.: 666028004 | Brand: Attitude Hair Dye | 
Haarkleur paars, semi-permanente haarverf, haarspoeling paars

• DIY friendly, professional quality.
• Vegan, cruelty-free and locally produced in the Netherlands.
• Hydrating + nourishing.
• No harsh chemicals - peroxide, PPD, ammonia.
• Pre-lighten your hair with Attitude Ghosted to achieve the best results.
• Do a patch + strand test before colouring.
• To keep your colour as long as possible, use Holyplex hair care.

Dramatic purple hair dye is for those who aren’t afraid to be a bit extra! Dial up the drama with this deep, warm-toned purple. Dramatic is a versatile purple that takes well on a larger range of hair colours, from platinum to light brown, showing more vibrantly on lighter hair and giving a coloured tint to darker bases. For the longevity of the colour however, we always recommend applying it to pre-lightened hair.

Get creative - you can mix Dramatic with the cool-toned Playful to create the purple ombre of your dreams, or create a beautiful pastel lilac by mixing with our Sensitive white mixer!

@Hanagoth_ makes the perfect splitdye with Moody and Brave mixed on the blue side, and a Dramatic and Playful mix on the purple side!

Show us your colourful creations with #dyewithattitude and tag @dyewithattitude!

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Instructions for Attitude Hair Dye Attitude Hair Dye - Dramatic Semi permanent hair dye - Violet

If this is the first time you are colouring your hair, we recommend you read our extensive Hair Dye FAQ.

Before using Attitude Hair Dye, we recommend bleaching your hair. This opens your hair cuticles and takes out your pigment, so your dye can enter the cortex of your hair and stay longer. Attitude Ghosted is the perfect way to prepare your hair before dyeing! Use the Ghosted Bleach Kit in Volume 20, 30 or 40, and watch your natural shade fade away like a spectre into the night! The lighter your hair, the more accurate your new colour will be. After 15-30 minutes, wash the bleach out with a ph-neutral shampoo, then towel-dry your hair.
Step 2: DYE IT
Now that you have a blank canvas, you’re ready for Attitude Hair Dye! Apply vaseline around your hairline to prevent staining, then apply the colour of your choice, using gloves and a hair dye brush. Wear an old shirt, as the dye may stain your clothing. Allow to absorb for a minimum of 15-30 minutes before rinsing out thoroughly with cold/lukewarm water until the water runs clear. For ultimate absorption, we recommend not washing your hair for two days after dyeing.
Your colour will fade with each wash, and that’s where our Holyplex Hair Care line comes in! Holyplex is specifically developed for hair that’s been dyed in bright colours. Consisting of a plant-based shampoo, conditioning mask and finishing spray, Holyplex repairs and nourishes your hair after bleaching and dyeing. We always recommend using Holyplex with Attitude Hair Dye to make sure your coloured hair stays bright and silky smooth.
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Reviews of Attitude Hair Dye - Dramatic Semi permanent hair dye - Violet

Suppzr blij peachtig paarse tint love it
Ontevreden. Eerst mijn haar ontkleed en daarna deze verf gebruikt. Verf pakte amper en na 1 wasbeurt al weg. Ja ik heb de gebruiksaanwijzing precies gevolgd en na 1 week met koud water gespoeld. Dus nee, zonde van je geld.
De kleur is mooi. Maar ik heb nu 2 potjes gebruikt en de kleur pakt mijn haar niet
Geweldige haarverf!
Ik verf mijn haar al 10 jaar. Heb alles geprobeerd, Maar deze verf blijft het langste zitten. Meestal verf ik mijn haar 1 keer in de week. Nu doe ik dat 1 keer in de 10 dagen en de kleur blijft mooi.

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