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Attitude Hair Dye Attitude Hair Dye Semi permanent hairdye Freaky Olive Olive green

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TIP 1 Beforehand: Use our hair-lightening bleach kit to achieve the best colour results Ghosted Bleach from Attitude
TIP 2 Afterwards: To repair and revitalise overprocessed hair leaving it stronger and shinier HolyPlex: 1 (Shampoo), 2 (Mask) en 3 (Finishing Spray) from Attitude

Product information
Item no.: 666028041 | Brand: Attitude Hair Dye | 
Hair color olive green, semi-permanent hair dye, wash out hair rinse olive green

Attitude Hair Dye.

Dye with Attitude semi-permanent hair dye is available in 25 different colors.

"Freaky" will make you go wild with fun! A witch's best friend in the woods, this wonderfully rich and unique olive green works great with our signature black hair color "Daring" to get you in the Halloween spirit all year round.

Get creative - you can mix all of our hair dye colors to create unique shades.

• Animal testing free and vegan
• Moisturizing and nourishing (contains conditioner)
• No aggressive chemicals (peroxide, PPD or ammonia)
• You achieve the best result with pre-bleached hair
• Do a test on a small piece of hair beforehand
• Suitable for home use

Tip: Use a little hair dye in your conditioner for long-lasting hair color!

Share your creations with #dyewithattitude for a chance to win great prizes!

Read the instructions below carefully before dyeing your hair.

Content: 135 ml

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135ml 0

Instructions for Attitude Hair Dye Attitude Hair Dye Semi permanent hairdye Freaky Olive Olive green

1. Always do a preliminary patch and strand test. If this is the first time you are colouring your hair, we recommend you read the extensive Hairdye FAQ

2. Pre-lighten hair. Please note that to achieve the vivid colours shown, you will need to pre-lighten your hair to a very light blonde colour (the lighter the better). If you do not pre-lighten, the colour achieved will depend upon your natural hair colour (the lighter your hair, the stronger the results).

3. Wash your hair with a ph-neutral shampoo. Do not use conditioner.

4. Towel dry your hair

5. Apply vaseline or similar around your hairline to prevent staining

6. Apply hair dye "Dye with Attitude" evenly beginning at the roots and working through to the ends using gloves and a hair dye brush.

7. Allow to absorb for a minimum of 15-30 minutes before rinsing out thoroughly with cold/lukewarm water until the water runs clear.

The colour will fade with each wash, we recommend you wash with cool water to maintain colour.

Warning: may stain clothing/materials.
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Reviews of Attitude Hair Dye Semi permanent hairdye Freaky Olive Olive green

i love this dye! ive been searching for an olive green kind of hair dye for a while now and im so happy i got this one. when the dye is in the container it looks a bit more brown and dark, but on the hair it comes out a beautiful olive green. i know that the dye is semi permanent so i don't expect it to last very long, but so far (after one wash) it's faded only a little. i recommend you apply it to lightened and toned hair, since in some areas where my hair had orange and yellow tones the dye didn't stick as well. i recommend this dye very much :)

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