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Attitude Hair Dye Attitude Hair Dye Semi permanent hairdye Rage Red

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TIP 1 Beforehand: Bleach your hair for a better result/bright color with Ghosted Bleach from Attitude
TIP 2 Afterwards: To keep your hair color good and healthy, use HolyPlex: 1 (Shampoo), 2 (Mask) en 3 (Finishing Spray) from Attitude

Product information
Item no.: 666028005 | Brand: Attitude Hair Dye | 
Haarkleur rood, semi-permanente haarverf, haarspoeling rood

Attitude Hair Dye.

"Dye with Attitude" semi-permanent hair colour is available in 20 different colours.

Don’t mess with Rage! A dark, rich red semi-permanent hair dye which spells danger for all who dare cross you. Rage is a sultry, bloody shade and compliments its sister red Rebel and the classic black Daring.
Get creative - you can mix and match any of our semi-permanent hair dye colours together to create unique shades.

• Cruelty-free and vegan
• Hydrates and nourishes the hair (contains conditioner)
• No harsh chemicals - peroxide, PPD or ammonia
• You will need to pre-lighten your hair to achieve the best results
• We recommend a patch and strand test before colouring
• Suitable for home use

Tip: Add some hair dye to your conditioner for a longlasting colour!

Share your colourful creations at #dyewithattitude for a chance to win regular prizes!

Please read the instructions below carefully before dyeing your hair

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Instructions for Attitude Hair Dye Attitude Hair Dye Semi permanent hairdye Rage Red

1. Always do a preliminary patch and strand test. If this is the first time you are colouring your hair, we recommend you read the extensive Hairdye FAQ

2. Pre-lighten hair. Please note that to achieve the vivid colours shown, you will need to pre-lighten your hair to a very light blonde colour (the lighter the better). If you do not pre-lighten, the colour achieved will depend upon your natural hair colour (the lighter your hair, the stronger the results).

3. Wash your hair with a ph-neutral shampoo. Do not use conditioner.

4. Towel dry your hair

5. Apply vaseline or similar around your hairline to prevent staining

6. Apply hair dye "Dye with Attitude" evenly beginning at the roots and working through to the ends using gloves and a hair dye brush.

7. Allow to absorb for a minimum of 15-30 minutes before rinsing out thoroughly with cold/lukewarm water until the water runs clear.

The colour will fade with each wash, we recommend you wash with cool water to maintain colour.

Warning: may stain clothing/materials.
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Reviews of Attitude Hair Dye Semi permanent hairdye Rage Red

Good amount of hair dye, beautiful red color but with so much pink pigments in it. It’s almost dark magenta in the undertone. So if you wanna stay away from pink, this one is not for you. I don’t think that this hair dye is bleeding on textiles BUT it stains a lot in the shower. And like every semi-permanent hair dye, protect your floor, walls, sink etc because the stains is a pain in the ass to get rid of.
wel ok verf, jammer dat het fel roze is en niet rood
Ik combineer altijd Rage met Rebel, en dat is écht de perfecte vuurrode kleur! Rage is op zichzelf net te rozig en Rebel net te oranje, maar samen zijn ze echt perfect. De kleur blijft bij mij ook best lang echt vuurrood en wordt langzaam wat tomaatachtig :P Ook mooi.
Aanrader! Zit ook altijd relatief veel verf in één potje.
Tolle qualitative Haarfarbe!! Nur eins war komisch... ich hab lediglich die Farbe mit Conditioner gestreckt... meine Haare waren frisch gebleicht.. Kein Gelbstich... und irgendwie sind meine Haare lila herausgekommen ^^Dennoch schön... aber halt nicht das Blutrot, das ich erwartet hätte, ^^
Erg jammer dat dit meer een paars/roze gloed heb.. Ben al lang opzoek naar een mooie donkerrood, maar weer een kleur die totaal verkeerd uitpakt..
The color's really pretty but the container comes half empty. A bit unfair.
Oké kleurtje, jammer dat het geen donker rood is maar een combinatie van roze met rood.. en laat ik nou net geen liefhebber van roze zijn. Dus helaas de kleur klopt niet met de beschrijving.
Gisteren mijn haren gekleurd met deze rage en ben er helemaal blij mee , de kleur is gewoon geweldig en super leuk , helemaal het resultaat wat ik hoopte te krijgen
Serh gute haarfärbe. Habe die Marke das erste mahl ausprobiert und bin mit der farb Ergebnis und wie lange es anhält zufrieden.
The color is very cool. In combination with Rebel, it gives the most vibrant red ever.

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