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How do I return an article? (customers outside Netherlands)


start return process

Step 1. Log in
 via 'Login' at the top of the site. 
    Click on  ' RETURN' and select the order and articles you like to return. 
    You have 100 days to return an article:)    

Step 2. Put the items you want to return back into the box/bag
    In which you received when the order arrived. 
    Write/indicate on the bottem of the packinglist which items you return. Enclose the packinglist also in the return box/bag.

    Return your parcel for countries listed in table below.
     1. You receive an e-mailconfirmation of your return, with enclosed a pdf-return label.
     2. Print the label and stick on your return-parcel.
     3. Deliver parcel at postoffice, as described on instructions printed with your PDF-returnlabel.
     4. You do NOT pay anything when you return the parcel at the postoffice, explained on the PDF-returnlabel.
     5. Attitude Holland will charge you the return-postage costs  afterwards when your return-parcels is processed. (Return Costs per Country see table below)
     6. If you would like another product or size, please order this via

Return shipping costs:


 Return shipping costs


 € 15


 €  6

 Czech Republic

 € 16


 € 12


 € 15


 €  10


 €  5


 € 19


 € 19



 Return shipping costs


 € 12


 € 12


 € 12


 € 12


 € 19


 € 15


 €  9


 € 15


€ 15

Step 3.B. RETURNS FROM OUTSIDE NETHERLANDS ONLY, countries not listed with option A.
   1. Please return your parcel to: Attitude Holland, Energiestraat 4e, 1135 GD Edam. Netherlands.  
       You are responsible for return-shipping fees.
   2.  If you would like another product or size, please order this via

Step 4.  We pay you back
    When we received and processed the return, we will send you a confirmation e-mail. Within 1 day of processing your return, we credit your Attitude-account with eCredits.
    You can choose to buy something else, or have the eCredits value paid into your bankaccount.

If you would like another product or size, please order this online here AttitudeHolland
Any questions, please ask us via e-mail

Have a nice day.

Return address:
Attitude Holland
Energiestraat 4e
1135 GD Edam


1. How fast do I get paid back after I return the parcel?
When we received and processed the parcel, we will credit your Attitude-account within 2 working days. You can choose there to order something else, or have the money paid back into your bankaccount.

2. How long does it take before a return is processed?
Normally it takes between 10 and 20 days for a return from Europe to be shipped to Attitude Holland and processed.
You will get an e-mail notification when the return is processed.

3. How many days do I have to return an article?
100 days.

4. How do I know Attitude processed my return?
We will send you an confirmation email when your return is processed. 

5. How much does it cost to send something back?
See table Return Shipping Costs (above), we bill you this when we received the return. When your country is not in the list, you are responsible by yourself to return the parcel and pay for it.

6. Also important

  • If you are not completely satisfied with the purchase you made at Attitude Holland, you can simply return it unused and in perfect state within 100 days and we will give you either a credit or full refund on your goods. The postage and packaging costs will not be refunded. 
  • This guarantee does not apply to the following items: all make-up products, lenses, tights. This is due to hygienic reasons.